Types of Metal Bed Frames

To get the right bed base for your needs, it is important to know the types of metal bed frames that are available. It can be a difficult decision to make since there are so many to choose from.

There are three main types of bed frames. These are the wood bed frame, the metal frame and the cast iron frame. The types of base can affect the design and the type of furniture you buy. They may cost more or even be less expensive than the others.

Wood is by far the most popular material used for making beds. It does not have a lot of options available for the consumer because most wood bed frames are already pre-made. The most popular of these is the wood plank bed frame. This type of bed frame is sold in a wide range of different sizes to accommodate any size of bed.

Metal is the next option. The steel bed frame has numerous choices, all of which are built for strength and durability. The advantage of a metal bed frame is that they do not bend easily when placed on a bed. Because of this, they can be placed almost anywhere in the house, usually on the floor or the side of the bed.

Another type of bed frame that is often not thought of as a bed is the wood plank. These are made by laying down the wood and then tacking it together with two pieces of lumber joined by a rail. Many of these are now also available with built in legs. This is a nice feature that allows the sleeper to take the bed and put it anywhere in the room.

Wood is great because of the flexibility, but can be quite heavy and have a very high price. The problem with wood is that it can be flimsy and break if used in areas where it might be stepped on. These frames are extremely expensive but still have more features than the metal.

The metal is cheaper than the wood but does not bend easily and thus, is easier to use. These frames are usually made of a heavier material, which provides extra support and also can protect against some of the weight of the person. The choice between the wood and the metal depends on how much space you need to put in the room.

No matter what your decision is, each type of bed frame has advantages and disadvantages. Each type of frame is made to use or they are made to look like the other. Once you decide which type of bed frame you want, you should visit your local home improvement store and see the styles and colors that they offer.