Foot Rest – The Essential Item For Ergonomic Sitting

When it comes to patients’ back pain, the most common complaint is often a sore foot or toenail. But do you know that footrests can help alleviate pain? The purpose is to be able to rest your foot on a stability platform that does not require you to constantly shift and reach for a nearby shelf or table. The proper placement means that you are able to sleep comfortably at night, and this will reduce the chances of having restless leg syndrome, Chiropractor Peter Budwig explains. When you’re having trouble sleeping because of leg pain or fainting spells, sometimes taking a short rest at night by placing a footrest between your knees and ankles can help you fall asleep more easily. A strong support structure like this is essential when dealing with back pain issues.

He recommends getting a footrest that is at least one inch wider at the widest point than your foot, and at the same time, is at least six inches tall. The goal is to be able to rest your foot on a stability platform that does not require you to constantly reach out and exert a lot of pressure, so if you do not have that ideal configuration, a footrest would be a good solution, he states. Chiropractors also say that having a footrest significantly improves circulation, especially if your feet regularly hit the ground.

However, if your home has a high quality wooden flooring, a footrest that is at least three to four inches high would be more appropriate, since the footrest should not be higher than the huang of your door. An average huang is about three to four inches high. The thickness of the huang is not that important as long as it is thicker than the thickness of your feet.

You should also avoid adjustable chairs with rounded edges. These are more difficult to keep in an ideal position during sitting. Your sitting posture will be negatively affected, as your circulation is decreased because the edges of the chair will trap your toes and fingers in their non-ideal position. When you are sitting, try to maintain a straight head and neck, and do not rest your chin on the armrest. It will not improve your circulation. Similarly, do not rest your feet or hands on a footrest when you are sitting on the floor, for the same reason.

If you like to watch TV, get a TV with angle adjustments. Adjusting the angle of the TV screen will help you sit with a natural curve in the back of your thighs, hips, and knees. Make sure that the angle settings are not too high or too low, as this can cause strain on your neck, shoulders, arms, and wrists. Most televisions today have built-in height settings.

A footrest has the added advantage of supporting your knees while sitting. Try to find a footrest that is slightly higher than your knee height. For optimum comfort, pick a footrest that is slightly lower than the knee level, but at the same time very comfortable. When buying a foot rest for your office, make sure that it matches the color of your furniture. Office furniture stores generally carry many varieties.